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Utah Valley University is located in Orem, Utah. The Utah Valley University Herbarium (UVSC) was established in 1987 as a research and teaching facility. Erin Riggs is the current curator. The initial herbarium collection consisted of botanical specimens collected by Dr. James G. Harris, Professor of Biology. UVSC has grown considerably due to valuable collections made by students, curators and other researchers. Currently the herbarium houses over 18,000 accessioned herbarium sheets, each has high quality images.
Concerning reliability of taxa
UVSC identifies specimens according to most recent taxonomy as supported by Missouri Botanical Garden, Angiosperm Phylogeny Group. UVSC is in the process of an extensive determination. We recommend that the real specimen should be checked before any publications or permanent records are made. In your study of our specimens should you find an error please report this to Erin Riggs.

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Collection information
UVSC focuses on both native and nonnative, vascular and nonvascular species in Utah and surrounding states. We include several collections across North America.